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So lonely.

Frozen Over

The journey begins here.  When winter gives me lemons, I make ice cold lemonade.  In two days i’ll be headed to a hunt camp in Northern Ontario for a few days off the grid for a glimpse into a Canadian winter and the pick-up truck lifestyle.  Barring bitter cold temps destroying my batteries, i’ll be back next week with an ass load of footage.  Stay tuned!

White Out


© John Stevancec

Kids being kids.

Two Turtle Doves

Happy Holidays, see you in 2014!!

Get With The Program

Fresh from within the walls of virtual Westside Studio.  Read on or check out the Westside Blog for the original post.

Those of us who can recall the nauseating terror that was The Great Strike of ’09 have a pretty good idea of how much waste a major city can create on a weekly basis. We survived that summer, with sense of smell in tact, and hopefully learned a thing or two about how awesome it is to have your garbage removed once a week. It’s an unfortunate by-product of todays modern lifestyle – but while some do better than others with their waste – it’s most definitely a ‘crime’ committed by all.

The City of Toronto has been working towards solutions to our dependency on garbage, with an end goal of reduced landfill use and a 70% waste diversion rate. According to their website, in 2012 single-family homes nailed it with a 66%, while apartment and condo dwellers warmed the bench with a less impressive 24%. In hopes of targeting this low number while raising awareness to the importance of proper sorting and disposal, Tyler Gray got together with Art Directors Dean Hore and James Grnak from Publicis to create the following multi format campaign.



Photographer: Tyler Gray
Client: City of Toronto
Agency: Publicis
Art Directors: Dean Hore & James Grnak
Producer: John Stevancec
Assistants: Adnan Saciragic, Abe Roberto, & Alex Beetham

In addition to the two ads and online motion piece, the campaign required Tyler and company to make the trip out to one of Toronto’s landfill sites to get some high-resolution pictures of trash. Glamorous? Not quite. Effective? Yes, as you’ll see thanks to these images provided by Pattison Outdoor.






Big thanks to everyone involved in the campaign, with a nose plugged high-five to Assistants Abe and Adnan for trucking through the dump day like a couple of pros, and a special shout out to Pattison Outdoor for being kind enough to send us those transit pictures. If you’re in the mood for some more movement from Tyler, click on over to his freshly updated Motion portfolio at!

Images/Video © Tyler Gray
Transit Images © Pattison Outdoor
BTS © John Stevancec


SPOTTED - One of my recycling wraps shot with Publicis.

CMA - Bronze

Exciting news from the CMA’s last friday night that the Microsoft - Lync campaign I collaborated on with a great team at Wunderman won a Bronze in the Business Products & Services category. 



Creative Group Head: Richard Luong

ACD: Allen Kwong

Art Director: Chad Buchner

Copywriter: Karlie Hopf

Sr. Account Director: Jeremy Marten

Account Supervisor: Andrew Potts

Project Manager: Ken St. Germain

Production Manager: Larry Uniac




Last three images ©Richard Luong


Kettle Creek