One of my favourite things about spring is hopping in the Polara and driving to places i’ve never been to.  A few weeks ago I headed out to start a casual photographic journey along HWY#3’s rich 200 year history.  All the north shore of Lake Erie is agriculture and I stumbled across a place called Mennomex which is essentially a grocery store run by Mexican Mennonites.  If you want authentic Mexican food for dinner this weekend, this is the place to go if you have 4 hours to kill driving there and back.  My next unplanned stop was at the Aylmer Stockyards.  It was set back from the highway so after a quick U-Turn I ventured in to find a cool little “down home” cafe that had just finished serving local farmers breakfast before the weekly (wednesday) livestock auction began.  Again, given the rich population of Mexican Mennonites and migrant workers in this area, a typical serving was pork tacos with a side of rice and mashed beans.  Not into ethnic?  No prob, they also serve egg sandwiches.  Awesome!  

Silver Silver Silver - NAA

Mike, Tom, DS+P and I won a Print Silver last night at the NAA’s

Sure, who remembers who came second to Usain Bolt at the 2012 Summer Games in London or who the Blackhawks defeated in the 2013 Stanley Cup final, that’s okay, i’m a humble Canadian and second place is still something to be proud of.

I didn’t shoot the lumberjack, I was the task master behind the retouching, which oddly, considering how small and simple it looks, was one of the most challenging and difficult things i’ve worked on.  

AD: Mike Jones & Tom Stephenson

CD: Denise Rosetto & Todd Mackie

Agency: DS+P

NAA - EnviroCare



I’ve been antsy to share this campaign I shot back in March with the motley crew at Ignited but haven’t had time to write my own post so I snaked this from the desk of the legendary Tom Nesbitt at Westside Studio.

With the polar vortex now behind us, it’s time to trade in our salt stained boots for flip flops. Tyler Gray was able to do so a little earlier than the rest of us, as sunny California was the location to shoot a campaign forSanuk. What started as a pair of sandals made in a backyard shed, Sanuk has grown into an international footwear brand.

Check out the final ads, and a little BTS below.


Photographer: Tyler Gray
Client: Sanuk
Agency: Ignited
AD: Jeremy Carson
ACD: Karin Djelaj
ACD: Chris Schott
CD: Jordan Atlas
Print Producer: Sam Helpand
Exec Producer: Diego Espana
Assistant: Gabe Nivera


Aside from the job itself and the fun I always have with these guys, the thing i’ll remember most about this job was the 6am LA style earthquake wake up call.  Being from a place (Toronto) where “catastrophic” events range from snow storms to ice storms, this scared the hell out of me.  It was only a 4.7 but the epicentre was a short 6 miles away from where we were staying in West LA.  Between that and the numerous beers Gabe and I had at Steingarten the night before I stumbled onto set a few hours later looking like Gary Busey.  I took a good ribbing from Karin et al but was all in good fun.  Never a dull moment.





"What the hell is the "Different Clouds filter for in Photoshop" you ask?  Creating acid wash jeans of coarse.  

Big thanks to my home boys Scott and Terry at Western U for another successful year in the books. 

Here’s a hint at what we were up to this year:

Straight bladed hockey sticks, floppy disks and Benny Goodman.

 I’m already dying to share the campaign so stay tuned.

Here’s hoping year four comes with an honorary degree.  

Canada-Latvia in the background, US-Czech game in front. Glad Someone was working Mike @spotcinema #westsidestudio

So lonely.

Frozen Over

The journey begins here.  When winter gives me lemons, I make ice cold lemonade.  In two days i’ll be headed to a hunt camp in Northern Ontario for a few days off the grid for a glimpse into a Canadian winter and the pick-up truck lifestyle.  Barring bitter cold temps destroying my batteries, i’ll be back next week with an ass load of footage.  Stay tuned!

White Out


© John Stevancec

Kids being kids.

Two Turtle Doves

Happy Holidays, see you in 2014!!